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Who is Smartling? We’re so glad you asked!

It all started when the founders of Smartling realized that more and more businesses were going global. Big brands, small brands, boutiques, even technology startups, like us. But there was a problem. Most businesses were not going local — meaning they weren’t translating their customer experiences into the native language of each new market. But who could blame them?

At the time, going global was a slow, cumbersome process that often yielded a host of contextual inaccuracies. It was just too overwhelming. And that got us thinking.

What if the entire globalization process was made so simple that anyone could bring their product to market, anywhere in the world?

At Smartling, we’re on a mission to make the world’s digital content truly multilingual. To do that, we developed a powerful software solution for managing translation and localization projects of every kind. Our cloud-based translation management platform helps to create consistent, up-to-date digital content across any number of websites, mobile apps, and business documents. So when it’s time to take your business around the world and back, we know exactly what to do.

Now go forth, Smartling enthusiasts, and be global!

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