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Smartling’s cloud-based translation software is so powerful and robust, you’ll be able to translate everything in your arsenal. Websites, mobile applications, business documents — you name it, our technology helps you translate it faster and more efficiently than you ever thought possible. We’re not just enterprise-ready. We’re ready to help you take on the world.

We make globalization simple

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  1. Real-time visibility offers a birds-eye view of the entire translation process.
  2. Smartling sites aren’t just translated, they’re also localized to ensure contextual accuracy.
  3. Constant contact with translators makes it easy to track progress in motion.

3 Simple Steps


Capture and Organize

Content extraction that’s automatic, seamless, and super-fast

Smartling’s no-fuss technology automatically pulls source text from any number of websites, mobile apps, and business documents directly into the translation management system — all without annoying technical requirements or additional IT attention. And as your brand begins to explode (because you know it will), Smartling automatically detects and extracts new content whenever it’s added to the source language site or app. Magic? Maybe.


Auto Extraction and Detection
Smartling’s Global Delivery Network automatically parses code for text — even text hidden in dynamic code like JavaScript, AJAX and JSON.
Minimal Technical Integration
You don’t need a technical team to integrate with our Global Delivery Network. Point your DNS to Smartling. We’ll cover the rest.
Integrates into Development
Smartling’s translation software provides the API hooks for your development environments, allowing the automation of uploads, status checks, and downloads. You can easily integrate this into your build scripts to make localization part of your full development process.
API Included
Smartling’s API is included with the Global Delivery Network, which includes support for the following file types:
  • Ruby YAML
  • Java Properties
  • iOS Strings
  • JSON
  • Android XML
  • Get PO/POT
  • Loc


Translate and Manage

A variety of translation methods and workflow options for flexibility and control

Whether you work with Smartling’s trusted translators, an agency of your choice, your organization’s user community, internal teams, or computer-generated translations, our Translation Management System puts you in the driver’s seat with real-time visibility and control. From assigning your project to celebrating robust analytics, Smartling makes it possible to manage your entire translation process from one single vantage point — the top.


Contextual Translation
Using the translator interface, translators, editors and reviewers can translate and QA content in context and see the results of the translation instantly on the website or app. Smartling provides a number of ways to match content, saving translation teams time and money.
Fuzzy Matching
Smartling automatically compares content strings to all previous translations, and those with at least 80 percent similarity are presented for use in translation.
Pattern Matching
Phrases with matching wording but slightly different variables (like “Author: Ada Lovelace” vs. “Author: Noam Chomsky”) are translated one time throughout the website or application. Smartling sees this as “Author {variable}” and thus applies the translation across all content.
Smartling matches content strings to the existing translation memory, and when it finds an exact match for all fields in the string, moves the string to a specific workflow step without the need for review or intervention from your translation team.
Translation Memory
Translations done in Smartling are automatically saved to a database, known as translation memory, which can then be leveraged for future translations to cut costs and speed up localization across all projects.
Style Guide & Glossary
Translators can access the style guide and glossary at all times in the translator interface. Glossary terms are also highlighted in the interface for translation consistency.


Deliver and Optimize

High-quality content that’s truly localized and ready to reach your customers

Smartling automatically delivers your content via the Global Delivery Network, API or plug-ins. This means rapid returns on your multilingual, localized websites, apps and documents. With Smartling’s translation software behind the scenes, you can produce low-cost, locale-specific marketing via customized text passages, graphics, color schemes, payment methods, currencies, date and time formats, and more. Because when you create regional contact points, you’re building a trust with your clients that extends well beyond translation. You’re letting them know that your business is the real deal.


Boost local search engine rankings with Smartling’s Global Delivery Network, which delivers translations before the page loads, so localized content is ranked as native to the page and locale.
True Localization
Localization is more than translation. Smartling’s Global Delivery Network automatically formats date and time to a specific locale. We take it one step further by allowing you to swap original content, like an image, for a localized version.
Rapid Global Delivery
Smartling’s network accelerates content delivery by leveraging local servers, resulting in zero lag time no matter how many languages you add.
The Smartling platform meets enterprise engineering and security standards including SOC2 (SAS70), PCI Level 1 and HIPAA certifications.
Real-Time Visibility and Control
View and manage the entire translation process — assign, prioritize, translate, edit, review, publish — using web-based management dashboards, contextual interfaces, localized content, full version history, custom workflows and robust analytics.

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