👋 B2B SaaS, say hello to Cloud Translation.

Smartling enables businesses to effectively translate their marketing and product experience to professionals worldwide.

B2B Translation

Smartling invented Cloud Translation to address the increasing complexities that are inherent with global content management. Today, hundreds of B2B SaaS companies rely on Smartling Cloud Translation to convert websites, complex web applications, marketing automation, and product documentation from one language into any.


How it works

Smartling connects to your existing tools and content infrastructure, enabling you to easily manage language translation at scale. There are multiple integration types that simplify this process, including:

These integrations connect you to the most powerful Cloud Translation Management System on the market. It’s the simplest place to configure automation rules, establish workflow preferences, maintain style guides, and more.

Have a strategy

Localizing content for worldwide markets introduces complex challenges. With "Localization: A Strategy for B-to-B Marketers" by SiriusDecisions, you can chart your path to success.


See how the social media management company built a sustainable translation process while growing its global user base.

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What you can do with Smartling

Software companies enable people to be more efficient. It has never been easier for software companies to easily grow their marketing and product experience in any language. Smartling’s robust network of professional translators are versed in 50 business verticals. Our translators deliver transformative content that gets your businesses' message across. What’s more? With Smartling, you have unparalleled visibility into the entire translation process.

  • Evaluate individual translator performance to manage quality
  • Data-driven reports to manage on-time delivery and translation quality
  • Enterprise-grade SLAs with money back guarantees

Data enables your efficiency

With every action in Smartling being tracked, you can depend on real-time analytics to make decisions. There are a bevy of reports that can be called up at any time to achieve unparalleled visibility into your translation process. We also built an algorithm that identifies hundreds of drivers that impact translation quality. We turned these into a single score that you can measure, trust, and control.

From one language into any, for the first time

If you aren't translating already, the most important thing is to get started now. Language translation is now table stakes. 75% of buyers prefer to buy products in their native language. Smartling simplifies the process of accessing these consumers with a strong translation and localization strategy.

It starts with a robust set of technologies that enable you to easily integrate your content repository with our translation management system. You can scale into new markets without increasing the investment in your existing infrastructure. The most obvious benefit is that your engineers or marketing team can then focus their time on product development and key marketing activities. Leave the heavy lifting to our platform.

Why Smartling?

Before Brian was Smartling's VP of Sales, he was a customer. Learn why AdRoll bought Smartling (and check out the case study).

Optimizing translation management has never been easier.

We firmly believe that the most valuable use of your time is to focus on activities that have the highest impact on the widest number of people, both internally and externally. With time:

  • Developers can focus on the roadmap - week over week, month over month - to improve the end-user experience
  • Marketers (and localization managers!) can realize creative projects, tweak messaging, organize events, and reinforce your brand promise to drive pipeline value
  • Leaders can position teams for success. Every individual has extraordinary talents, and how leaders work with their people to maximize these talents can give companies a competitive edge.

Smartling saves you time. And time is priceless.


AdRoll launched 7 languages within two weeks with Smartling's Global Delivery Network and Managed Services.

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Five reasons why B2B SaaS customers have switched to Smartling

  1. 1


    Add languages with zero developer involvement

  2. 2


    Replace human input with pre-configured rules

  3. 3


    Quantify translation quality results and make improvements over time

  4. 4

    Easy to implement

    Launch multilingual websites, complex web apps, and engaging customer experiences with minimal developer involvement

  5. 5


    Teams that invest in Smartling reduce their overall translation spend by minimizing the number of people managing translation, and by leveraging previously translated content across devices and platforms

Anywhere, Today

Pick a playlist. Cars on demand. Book a flight. Swipe left - or right. We exist because our customers are the fastest growing, most innovative brands of our time. Our value proposition hinges on you being able to pre-configure, control, and adjust Smartling so that translation just happens in the background while you remain focused on building the best in class product in your category.