3 Options for Integrating Multilingual Search

There are a couple of ways to integrate multilingual search for website localization. Even though this article focuses on our Global Delivery Network (GDN), similar concepts can be implemented without using Smartling’s translation tools.

Google Site Search

Simple sites can use Google Site Search for publicly available content. Google will crawl the site periodically and pick up all the updates. Since Smartling’s GDN is fully SEO-compatible, search engines will pick up the translations and create an index of translated content. No changes necessary.


  • Easy
  • No integration necessary, works out of the box
  • Indexing by crawler is supported by all enterprise-level search products – all of them can be used, not just Google Site Search


  • Limited control over search results
  • Only publicly available content can be indexed

Smartling’s Translation Tools

Smartling provides an easy to implement alternative that will work with any site and requires minimum integration. It works by translating search input to the original language of the site on the fly using machine translation.


  • Easy integration


  • Requesting search is slower due to machine translation round trip
  • Machine translation is not always precise, but actually works very well for searching in most of the cases

 Enterprise Search Tools

You can create multiple indexes (one per language) using your own enterprise search such as Solr/Lucene, Endeca, etc. This can be done by exporting a feed of data to be translated, translating it, and feeding it back into an index. Search indexes can be combined then to return appropriate data on a search. This is a fairly significant engineering project to undertake with some “gotchas” along the way.


  • Full control over search and indexing


  • High implementation cost for engineering
  • Potential additional translation costs

About Team Smartling

Smartling is a software company with the mission to make the world’s content multilingual.