3 Ways Translation Software Reduces Cost of Ownership

Providing your global consumers with a native language experience doesn’t have to be a slow, cumbersome, or costly process anymore. Translation software can help.

With today’s translation software, scalable, cost-effective localization is more possible than ever. And we’re not talking about opting for computer-generated translation that will give you the speed you want but not the quality you need. We’re talking about leveraging the best software tools, developed specifically to lower the cost and complexity of translation projects over time.

Here are just three of the many ways that translation software can help lower your translation cost of ownership:

Eliminate Manual Processes

When you invest in translation software, you can automate many steps of the translation process — from capturing source content to managing your translation workflow to deploying multilingual content back into your websites, mobile apps, and other digital assets.  And with features like management dashboards, APIs, custom workflows, and automatic change detection, you won’t have to overextend your team or even pay project management fees. A good translation management system will put everything you need in one place for immediate visibility and control.

Take Away the Guesswork

The best way to set your translators up for success is to provide them with a frame of reference. Sounds simple but there’s often more than one translation for a word or phrase. Take “home,” for example. Is it a house? Or is it a link to a homepage? Without context, you’re asking for a translator’s best guess on proper word usage, rather than empowering them to do their best work. A good contextual interface eliminates unnecessary review cycles, saving you both time and money!

Use What You Already Have

Having a database of past translations is huge for global brands. With a translation management platform, you can import your existing translation memory files or begin to build, own, and manage new ones. The more you translate, the more you save as translation memory can be applied to future translations across your entire multilingual content ecosystem. And with matching tools, repetitive content can be flagged for translators so that you won’t have to pay to translate the same sentence or phrase over and over again. Not only do you save money, but you also ensure quality and consistency throughout your content every time.

Leveraging technology to aid in the human translation process is a great way to ensure your globalization efforts scale and allow you to manage the process for less. And not to brag, but helping businesses employ these strategies is kind of our thing.