40 Million Songs, 34 Countries, 14 Languages and Counting

Rhapsody has existed since the infancy of digital music. In fact, it was the first legal streaming music service. Through its app, music-lovers around the globe have access to 40 million songs on their smartphone or computer any time they want. After acquiring Napster in 2011, Rhapsody relaunched its services under the Napster brand in Germany and the United Kingdom, and has since expanded throughout Europe, Latin America and Canada.


Slip Into a Faster Stream

At the time, Rhapsody was working with a translation agency to translate both the website and app content into 14 languages in order to support 34 countries, but it was a slow and arduous process. The company was also incurring project management fees every time content was translated and processed, regardless of the size of the translation project. As it was translating in 14 languages, these fees added up fast.

“It was all manual at that point,” recalls Jim Santanella, Director of Program Management at Rhapsody. “The only way to send and receive string files for translation was through email. There was a lot to juggle and it got confusing, so we started looking for a way to improve the workflow.”


Easy evaluation

In an effort to streamline the process and gain control over rising translation and localization costs, Rhapsody began evaluating translation management software. The company wanted its editors, reviewers, translators and other key stakeholders to be able to interface in a single system – to accelerate the translation process and speed up the time-to-market of translated content – ultimately choosing Smartling on the breadth of the Translation Management Platform.

“Smartling allowed us to get our translation and localization costs in check and significantly improve our processes,” says Santanella. “Additionally, the solution gave us the control over our translation memory that we previously lacked, which was very important to us.”


Smooth implementation

Rhapsody found Smartling’s technology to be very intuitive, straightforward and easy to use, and Rhapsody was able to get up and running in a short timeframe. The company’s content translation needs are complex due to the different musical tastes and preferences of listeners from country to country.

The implementation was a success, and automated workflows significantly improved Rhapsody’s translation and localization process and the company now translates website content, technical documentation, customer support and app content – including menu items, how-to-guides and new features – efficiently through the Smartling platform.

“We create a lot of country-specific content, and Smartling’s technology has enabled us to provide all of our users – regardless of country – the best possible experience,” says Santanella. “We’ve seen a vast improvement in processes, and the ability to pull string files into Smartling automatically without having a program manager manage the process manually is a huge win for us. Smartling’s technology will play an important role in future language and market expansions.”


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