5 Reasons Why Localization Is Important

Localization is considered a part of any professional translator’s job. But localization is more than just fine-tuning a translation to make it sound local. Here are a few reasons why companies are investing in localization services.

More Sales

I once had a client who sold satellite dishes and wanted his website translated and content localized, because his current site wasn’t helping sales the way he had expected. Due to a technical error, the price of the dishes on the new website was almost 50% higher. Yet, he still got more orders during the first month after his localized site went live than in the three months prior.

Catering to Local Clients

Localization is the best way to show local clients that you care about them. Even if your clients are in the United States and speak English, for example, it is a good idea to localize by state or region of the country, because this brings additional value to your product and shows that you respect their local history, language particularities, culture, and traditions.

One of the driving forces behind content localization is the idea that it helps expands your business. But, what companies usually achieve is more than that. They also become very competitive in the local market. Most consumers would rather buy a product from a company that makes the effort to reach out to them than one that doesn’t.

Reducing Risks

Localized products, websites, or applications, save you from potential embarrassment. How, you ask? For one, if you localize well, you will make sure your translated brand name doesn’t refer to a body part you wouldn’t name in public. There could also be colors, numbers, or other business practices that may be considered offensive or unlucky in the local culture. Your localization agency will steer you away from such possible gaffes. This is why most large companies localize, because they want to avoid potential liabilities. Localizing products serves as an insurance of sorts. Imagine the money and time you’ll have to otherwise spend in rolling back products that either don’t talk to the consumers or outright offend them.

Packs the Punch in Marketing

Even the best marketing campaign is nothing without good localization. Having a great campaign or advertisement is useless if your target audience doesn’t speak English well enough to get the message. Some brands aren’t able to reach their full potential, simply because of a lack of localization.

Localization is what distinguishes a good webpage from a truly successful one. It’s no wonder why more and more companies are willing to add the cultural component to their translated content. It is definitely an easy and quick way to create a more successful brand in any local market.

About Marieta Plamenova

I’m a native speaker of Bulgarian, living in Sofia. I have a graduate degree in law, and an undergraduate degree in economics. I primarily translate economic and legal content, but I also enjoy translating for tourism, sports, health, cooking, literature, and new technologies.