Over-the-Air App Localization: The Latest String to Smartling’s Bow

Every brand wants in on the mobile economy. In fact, to access certain markets, brands have to be in on the mobile economy. Even when the entire buyer journey does not take place on mobile, it is often still a crucial step that, if missed, can hand your competitor a customer. And although the limited screen size of handheld smartphones has encouraged concise content, the same rules of accurate, timely, quality content – in all the languages your multilingual audience needs – still apply, and this requires app localization.

On Wednesday, Smartling announced that it has acquired Techstars accelerator alumnus Jargon, a mobile technology company that provides a radically easy way for global brands to localize their mobile applications. The acquisition augments Smartling’s industry leading Translation Management Platform, enabling the company to empower global brands with:

  • Instant, over-the-air localization of mobile apps
  • On-device quality assurance (QA) testing for apps
  • Browser-based quality assurance testing for apps

“This acquisition augments our comprehensive API and impressive set of direct platform connectors, filling out the mobile channel in a way that no other company in the industry can match,” said Jack Welde, co-founder and chief executive officer, Smartling. “This is the first of several strategic developments to come as we seek to expand our Translation Management Platform’s capabilities.”

As Common Sense Advisory notes, mobile app localization is “a real sticky point for many organizations.” Every change to an iOS or Android app typically requires an app store review, which can take weeks to complete. Simply adding a new language, or modifying a single word of translation, often requires weeks to reach a global audience. In today’s fast-moving mobile world, this is not acceptable.

“To truly help enterprises with all of their localized content needs, a service provider must offer technology that handles every type of content,” continued Jack. “Companies need real process automation solutions across every platform and every channel.”

Solving mobile app localization for enterprise

With the acquisition, Smartling is uniquely addressing this major pain point for companies and further transforming the way global content is created, consumed and managed. The mobile technology Jargon developed provides enterprises with the unprecedented ability to easily and instantly localize global content by simply dropping a single line of code into a mobile app. Any new content, new languages or corrections can be immediately pushed over-the-air to native apps around the world.

Beyond over-the-air updates, the Jargon technology also introduces a far superior approach to QA testing on mobile devices. Mobile apps with smaller screen sizes mean that localized content and longer words in some languages can prove problematic for a mobile design, or worse, cause an app to crash.

In the meantime, it was important to Jargon to see its technology in safe hands:

“It is gratifying to see the technology we worked so tirelessly to develop go to an industry innovator like Smartling,” said AJ Cihla, chief executive officer, Jargon. “This acquisition is a most effective means of concluding our work and providing continuity to our customers, which represent both public enterprises and top-ranked consumer mobile companies around the world. Smartling can now also provide a simple, yet sophisticated solution to the mobile localization challenge – making mobile localization virtually effortless.”

Smartling is in the process of fully integrating the Jargon technology into the Smartling Translation Management Platform, and has already experienced market demand for the combined solution, deploying more than a dozen implementations year-to-date. Now the world’s most ambitious brands will have the ability to easily capture all the nuance and character of their content in their mobile applications, so they look and feel local to global audiences.

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