An Audacious Mission: Making the Web Truly Multilingual

Working with someone who keeps banging on about the company’s mission can get pretty old pretty quickly. Most of us have been there: “We’re on a mission to bring the crispest chicken nuggets to all the people of America!” or “We’re on a mission to vastly improve people’s lives by making shoe laces that never fray!” (or in countless different ways, “We’re on a mission to change people’s online experience!”). We all know it’s pretty hard to buy into most of this kind of stuff. The word “mission” carries with it all sorts of baggage—not least of which is a determination to bring about change that will improve people’s lives. But most of the time when people use it, what they really mean is they want to convince people that what they’ve got to sell is good enough for people to spend their money on. They cheapen the concept.

When Smartling’s CEO, Jack Welde, uses the word mission, however, it’s something different. Anyone who spends any amount of time anywhere near him pretty soon realizes that when Jack uses it, he means it in its original sense. Jack truly does believe that the world will be a better place—and not just for commerce—when people are able to interact in their native languages, and he’s determined to do what it takes to make that outcome happen. And the clarity of his vision makes Smartling an inspiring place to work. Take a look at this video just released by Fast Company, and you’ll get some idea of what I mean.

And just in case you find it really inspiring, take a look here – Smartling is hiring!