Book Review: Thoughts on Translation

What does it take to succeed as a professional freelance translator? Here at Smartling, we enjoy connecting our technology customers with professional translators and translation agencies around the world. One of the industry’s most well-recognized translators, Corinne McKay, has published a new book called Thoughts on Translation that we’d highly suggest you check out — especially if you’re a translator or aspire to becoming one someday. The book is now available in paperback or digital (Kindle) form.

The book is based on McCay’s popular industry blog by the same name, and it received a glowing review in this month’s journal of the American Translators Association, the ATA Chronicle. The review was written by Nataly Kelly, our VP of Market Development here at Smartling. The magazine is sent to all members of the ATA, and is a great resource that we highly recommend. Also, you may want to read McCay’s first book, How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator, also a great read.

Speaking of the ATA, their annual conference is coming up soon in San Antonio, Texas. It’s one of the largest translation conferences by far — be sure to check it out!