Carried Away by Web Page Translation

Web page translation is a whole new world for the professional translator. It might seem difficult at first, but it can be interesting and fun as well.

Living in a multilingual society that is ruled by the Internet creates an important need for website translations. I keep tabs on the translation work I perform every month, and I’ve notice some interesting facts.

Web Page Translation Is Becoming More and More Common

About 40% of the translations I complete every month are webpage or Internet related. With the advance of the SEO process, an increasing number of companies are focusing their efforts on translating their websites in as many languages as possible. This is a great opportunity for translators.

When checking translated copy for websites, even the best translator can’t predict how their text will be implemented on the website and, usually, the one who does this implementation has no clue of the language they are publishing. This requires that the translator go and examine the page when it is published, but by then it’s late to catch errors in display. This is why in-context translation is so important.

A More Exciting Form of Translation

Most professionals in the field would consider it exponentially more interesting to translate webpages than to work on legal documents, for example. Websites are designed to captivate the reader. While doing this type of translation work, I once entered a 5K obstacle race, bought a brand new mattress, and booked a luxury vacation villa in Greece simply because I became so involved translating their webpages that I got carried away.

Polishing Your SEO Skills

Optimized webpages are necessary for the success of an online business. This means that it is no longer enough to be a good translator, but you also need to have some SEO skills. Although it might require additional effort, learning as much as possible about search engine optimization, including taking courses to build up your skill set, will be more than worth it in the long run.

About Marieta Plamenova

I’m a native speaker of Bulgarian, living in Sofia. I have a graduate degree in law, and an undergraduate degree in economics. I primarily translate economic and legal content, but I also enjoy translating for tourism, sports, health, cooking, literature, and new technologies.