CES 2015 Highlights—Five Trends Global Marketers Should Watch

With thousands of new gadgets from tiny, powerful microchips to showstopping smart cars, there was plenty for visitors to the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to get excited about this year. The following are a few of the top trends global marketers should focus on in 2015 and beyond:



1. Mobile Payment

Last year saw the introduction of Apple Pay, which did not go unnoticed by developers at CES. Devices on display, such as the Hyper-3 and the Wocket Smart Wallet, helped drive home the prediction that mobile payment will only grow in demand as it becomes more secure and easier to use. With mobile phone sales skyrocketing in booming global markets, bolstered mobile payment means that e-commerce marketers will need to focus their efforts on making their sites, apps, and purchasing methods localized and mobile-friendly.

2. Connectivity

Connectivity was one of the most prevalent themes from CES 2015. From built-in vehicle systems that connect to smartphones to smart yoga mats, just about any item offers a way for consumers to be connected. This trend also opens the floodgates for consumer electronics companies to breathe new life into existing products.

3. Self-Driving Cars

It will still be quite some time before self-driving cars become legal on the streets, but that didn’t stop car markers from rolling out their sleek new concepts at this year’s CES. For example, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its mobile living space, a smart car that will feature displays that let passengers access video, applications and social networks while on the move. The cars of the future signal not only advancements in transportation, but also the growing trend of constant connectivity that global marketers should keep in mind to be successful.

4. The Smart Home

Smart appliances continued to make a splash at this year’s show, with more ways to revolutionize households than ever before. With gadgets such as Apple’s HomeKit, consumers can control nearly anything in their homes, from temperature to lighting, directly from their smartphones. In addition to boosting production and sales demand from smart gadgets and apps, this booming trend also increases connectivity in households, which translates into a tremendous amount of consumer data. Analyzing consumer behavior from an unparalleled window into users’ homes can provide a wealth of knowledge for e-commerce marketers.

5. Wearables

Health trackers that monitor everything from glucose levels to emotional states were around every corner at this year’s show, making it clear that wearable devices are here to stay. What it really signals, more than the growing trend of tech-savvy health and fitness, is that information is king. Consumers want data, and they want it tailored and on demand.

You probably didn’t have to attend CES to know that people today are using a vast array of methods to stay connected to the Internet. But it’s a good reminder that, as global marketers, you have to be prepared to meet consumers’ needs and demands – wherever they are, in whatever language they prefer.

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