How to Maintain a Consistent Tone in Brand Marketing

Your brand’s established voice needs to be preserved, despite translation and localization. Here are four ways to be consistent with brand marketing across global markets:



Be Clear and Concise

You may think that flashiness and complexity will make you stand out, but when it comes to establishing tone, simplicity generally translates more fluidly—and it has a tendency to be remembered. Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign is an excellent example of a simple, direct message that is well-known across the globe. Develop a clear message that embodies your product and your overall brand. Once you’ve created your brand message or story, stick with it across all markets and proclaim it to the world.

Skip Buzzwords

Emotions and commonly shared values translate more globally than just words. When developing your brand message, focus on creating an emotional connection, rather than emphasizing buzzwords and catchphrases. Buzzwords have a tendency to be overused, which diminishes their impact. As Inc. explains, the word “innovative” has been used so frequently to describe products that it’s essentially meaningless. Instead, they recommend that you “show how the newness of your product or service provides value to the customer.” This is not to say that catchy language can’t be powerful, but recognizable words that come from a real place tend to have a more universal effect.

Room for Adjustment

Tweaks to your content can help your message come across more effectively in a particular local culture. It’s not just about word choice, but also the communication style. For example, in a high-context culture like Japan, communication should be less direct and more subtle, whereas in a low-context culture like the United States, a slogan or message should be much more explicit and clear. Make changes as necessary, but make sure that you stick with the same overall concepts so that your audience doesn’t lose sight of the essence of your brand’s voice.

Alignment across Platforms

In today’s fast-paced, media-driven world, it’s not just about the pre-established brand message; it’s also about how a company uses that voice to interact with consumers. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook allow companies to reach consumers around the world all at once. International marketing strategies need to align on all channels in order to maintain, not only a consistent message, but a fluid tone in all communications.

An erratic tone can lead to confusion and a disconnect between brands and consumers. Focusing on an accessible and engaging brand story that makes an emotional connection with consumers, and applying it to all methods of communication, is crucial to global marketing success.

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