How Difficult Is Learning a Coding Language?

Learning to write in a coding language is approached the same way as learning a spoken language. The main difference is that a coding language usually requires more abstract skills.

Different Levels of Programming

There is low-level programming and there is high-level programming. The latter relates to natural languages and mathematics. Low-level programming, however, speaks directly to the computer, and has to do with the core functioning of the computer.

Coding Language Isn’t Really in Code

Most programming languages are written in the same language you are reading right now: English. There is no hidden secret message that you need to learn to be able to understand what is written in code. Here is an example:

VALUES (‘3’, ‘PHP’, ‘Programming language’)
This example is written all in English and, upon closer inspection, it is easy to see what the commands mean. If you can read and write in English, you are also able to understand the basics of programming.

It can take native English speakers anywhere between 27 weeks to 1.5 years to learn a new foreign language. However, because much of the coding is written in English, it means that this step is already taken out of the equation, and the time it will then take to learn a programming language is significantly shortened.

Programming Languages Are Designed for Humans

When you think of programming languages, you might believe that they are built with the computer in mind. Fortunately, this isn’t the case: programming languages are built for humans. We are the ones who create it, and the computer merely executes what we are creating. With the right tools, learning to create programs through programming languages is as easy as reading this post!