Why Sell to the U.S. Hispanic Market

Hispanic Heritage Month 2014 festivities will be continuing through tomorrow, October 15, so we thought now would be a good time to examine the importance of the U.S. Hispanic market.

You might remember seeing Tide’s “Mi Tide” commercials earlier this year – in a smart move by Tide marketers, the ads played on rotation during the World Cup. Tide won a 2013 Gold Effie Award for the campaign which specifically targeted Hispanic consumers.

In developing the campaign, the team at Tide wanted to investigate why Latino consumers were reevaluating their loyalty towards the brand. They asked a question that every business would do well to consider: “With so many different Hispanic nationalities with so many different accents, why portray neutral characters speaking neutral Spanish?” (Click to Tweet!)

The resulting campaign “reinforced the variety of Tide by portraying the variety of Hispanics who love Tide. This meant walking away from the neutral Spanish accent that has been the industry norm for decades.”

Language is just one component that modern marketers should be aware of when developing a positioning strategy for the Hispanic market. It’s a fact that Latinos are leading the technology curve. So let’s take a look at one aspect of the digital landscape where the Hispanic impact is evident: media.

According to Nielsen, “the average Latino spends more than eight hours viewing online videos each month, which is more than 1.5 hours longer than the U.S. average in Q3 2013.” But what’s important isn’t how much media they are consuming but where they are consuming it. Almost three out of four Hispanics owned smartphones as of Q3 2013 and about half of those people were prepared to upgrade in the next six months. They were also more likely to purchase a tablet.

What are the implications for you, as a marketer? The #1 best way to find and engage your audience is to know where they spend their time. You might have spent countless hours developing poignant, high-quality content, but you’ll only see a return on your investment if you get it to the right places.

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