Expanding Your Business by Speaking the Language of International Customers

Thanks to the advancement of digital technology like the Internet, our world is more connected than ever before. People can do business with others that are across the street or across the globe. If you are looking to take advantage of this fact, website localization is  important. It will help you in speaking the language of international customers and expand your business.

Localization Defined

Localization is the process by which your company’s products or website is adapted to an audience in a specific part of the world. Localization refers to much more than just translating the text of your website into a different language. With effective localization, you will also be changing graphics and images to fit different cultures, altering the layout of your page, and editing the format of information like dates and addresses. Every language has a different kind of ideal format that your company should use to attract as many people as possible who speak that language. Website localization simply helps you get closer to this ideal format.

Why Should You Localize?

You may be wondering what the big deal is about website localization. Consider the following statistics from the Globalization and Localization Association:

  • In order for a single message to reach 80% of the world, it would require 83 languages. To reach every single person would require over 7,000 languages
  • 71% of executives in North America project that their revenue streams from foreign sales, operations or imports will go up
  • Although 95% of Chinese shoppers who use the Internet say they are more comfortable using websites in their native language, only 1% of retailers based in the United States provide websites that are specific to China

Even if you have never before explored the idea of going after foreign markets, these statistics are hard to ignore. Once you understand the importance of website localization, you should also consider the best ways to go about this process so that you can do it quickly and without investing more than you can afford.

Technology Platforms For Website Localization

The most efficient way to go about localizing your website is through technology platforms that can help you manage translated content and update this content as necessary. Not only will you save money, you will also have a streamlined translation management system that you can depend on for a high quality translation experience. These tools will give you everything that you need to get started with localization and expand your translation as the business needs of your organization change. Invest in quality localization tools as soon as you can so that your company can increase its potential customer base exponentially.

About Team Smartling

Smartling is a software company with the mission to make the world’s content multilingual.