Using Google Translate for Bengali Translation

For professional uses, I rarely use translation tools like Google Translate, although some translators often do. There are benefits and disadvantages to using Google Translate. Here are some important points to consider before using Google Translate for Bengali translation.

  • Google Translate for Bengali is still in its early stages. The tool may be well developed for other languages, but a significant amount of improvement must be performed before Google Translate can be fully trusted for Bengali translations. My advice would be to use a Bengali translator instead of Google Translate. Otherwise, be ready for translations riddled with errors.
  • Bengali sentence structures don’t go down well with Google Translate. Although, in some cases, the tool is able to translate words roughly, the translation delivered by Google Translate is never correct on a sentence level. The sentence-verb agreement and the use of prepositions and conjunctions are all wrong. For example, if you try to translate, “The book is on the table,” the result will be,“বইয়েরটেবিলহল.” The translation gets the words ‘book’ and ‘table’ right, but the preposition is wrong and the meaning becomes mangled.
  • Google Translate is best used as a typing aid. Clients trust the translators they hire to be professionals and deliver the best possible translation, and Google Translate is not the way to accomplish this. However, there is one way in which Google Translate can help. If you’re a slow typer, run the sentences through Google Translate to obtain its version of a Bengali translation, and then manually correct the errors into proper sentences.
  • You can help improve Google Translate. If you’re a fan of Google Translate, you have the power to help it perform better. Every time Google Translate isn’t able to translate a word into Bengali, you can add the word in manually, save the change, and use it the next time it. Taking the same example from above, the word, বইয়ের is incorrect. The correct word would be বইটি’. If you click on the word বইয়ের, you’ll be able to click and choose the correct replacement.
  • For almost every word, there are multiple options. As in the previous example, if you believe that the translated word is incorrect or misspelled, click the word and you’ll be able to see the available replacements for that word, and choose it.

Translation is delicate work; one mistake and the meaning can change. With Bengali, it is wise to be careful when using Google Translate.

About Rehana Parvin

I’m a native Bengali translator living in Bangladesh. I have a graduate degree in Applied Statistics, and am the winner of multiple government awards in science and education. I have extensive experience in SEO, including translation of metadata, along with keyword prominence, density, and curation.