Five Tips for Translating Sales Content into Bengali

Bangladesh is emerging as a rapidly developing country, and international companies are eager to enter its market. To enter the Bangladeshi market, and advertise products and services, companies need to translate sales content into Bengali. As translators, sales content translation is one of the most frequent, interesting, and challenging jobs we get.

Translating Sales Content: A Challenging Task

Translating sales content is really difficult as it is. But when you have to do it in Bengali, it gets more complicated. Here are some tips to help improve the way you translate sales content:

1. Language Pair

The point of sales content is to convey a message in a way that impresses the reader and compels them to buy the product or service offered, but you also have to consider the linguistic differences. What sounds impressive in one language can sound funny or weird in another. You don’t want to turn off your readers with odd-sounding content. It’s better to leave out any statement that can’t be expressed in the same way in the target language.

2. Know Your Target Audience

If you are working on a commissioned project, consult with your employer and have a clear idea about the age and gender of the target audience, or any other demographics that are relevant to the project, and tailor your translations accordingly.

3. Be Familiar with the Subject

Correct terminology is also crucial to a successful translation. In order to do so, you should become familiar with the product or service you are translating about, and know the marketing terms used for them. Industry-specific terminology can make or break a campaign, so it would be wise to do some research before you start translating.

4. Use the Right Keywords

The content you are translating is likely focused on a handful of keywords. Don’t treat them as normal words. Instead, remember that you are trying to adapt the content for a different target market. It’s highly possible that the target market has entirely different keywords in its own language, and you will have to find out what they are. If you have to change the texts slightly in order to do so, go ahead. To find the right keywords in Bengali, for example, you would do a general search for the product or service, and see what keywords are generally used.

5. Avoid Exaggeration

Bengali speakers prefer the truth over fancy verbage. Don’t try to oversell while translating. Sticking to plain words and simple sentences is best.


About Rehana Parvin

I’m a native Bengali translator living in Bangladesh. I have a graduate degree in Applied Statistics, and am the winner of multiple government awards in science and education. I have extensive experience in SEO, including translation of metadata, along with keyword prominence, density, and curation.