Free Your Developers to Work on Your Roadmap While Going Global Faster

Developers have commercially valuable skills, which generally finds them in high demand and able to command sizable compensation packages. According to, the average ‘Developer’ salary in the US as of April 5, 2016, is $92,000, rising to $126,000 in New York City. Search ‘Localization Developer’ and average salaries hit $102,000 for the US, and $140,000 in New York City.

In short, a developer’s time is valuable, and if your company relies heavily on developers to localize content for your brand, you should know there’s a more efficient and cost effective way. Smartling’s Global Delivery Network can internationalize any existing website or web application, with near-zero IT resources required, and frees developers to work on brand technology roadmaps, instead of getting stuck in the weeds of localization.

Introducing Automated Translation Management

Smartling’s platform extends all of its capabilities to the Global Delivery Network resulting in a streamlined, cost-effective and high-quality translation process for customers. The Global Delivery Network acts as a proxy for localized pages; by detecting the language being requested, it delivers the language and locally appropriate content in real time.

  • Automatic detection of new content when source web pages change
  • Automatic triggering of translation workflows
  • Automatic deployment of localized websites or apps
  • No ongoing developer involvement needed after a one-time domain configuration change

Fast, fluent and familiar

Once initial setup is complete, the Global Delivery Network acts as a proxy for requests for localized pages – by detecting the language being requested, it delivers language and locale-appropriate content in real time.

This offers significant benefits for your brand as well as your multilingual audience of prospects, buyers and ultimately loyal customers. Brands enjoy huge savings when it comes to the effort and time to internationalize, achieving far faster time-to-market to translate website content.

Reduce the time, effort and costs required to take your website globalAnd audiences enjoy the benefit of up-to-date content in their language, and a user experience that is localized and personalized for them as an end consumer – from language, to content, to images, it should be a truly native brand experience.

Reliable, secure and SEO-compatible

The Global Delivery Network automatically collects text from your websites and web apps, facilitates human translation through Smartling’s Translation Management, and delivers an SEO-compatible multilingual experience directly to your customers, across every regional site.

Smartling technology offers an enterprise-grade SLA and holds SSAE 16 SOC2 Type II, PCI DSS Level 1, and HIPAA certifications, and upwards of 99.99% reliability. In other words, technology that enables ambitious brands to reach customers around the globe and drive conversions in multiple markets, without the headaches and possible risks of traditional translation methods.

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Download the full Product Brief – Global Delivery Network, including results from SurveyMonkey and Shinola, or visit Smartling’s Resources Page to access case studies, white papers, ebooks, videos, and product briefs.