Get Satisfaction & Smartling Deliver Localized Customer Support

At the end of last week, we marked another significant step towards realizing the Smartling mission of making the entire Web truly multilingual, with the announcement of our product integration and joint effort with online customer community pioneer Get Satisfaction.

Integrating Smartling’s cloud-based Translation Delivery Network into Get Satisfaction’s portal service will enable Get Satisfaction’s 63,000 customers—which include Microsoft, Rhapsody, and Spotify among other big hitters— to operate global customer community portals in any language they want.

For any Get Satisfaction client who operates or aspires to operate globally, this is, of course, a huge opportunity. After all:

  • 73% of internet users are not native English speakers.
  • People are six times more likely to make an online purchase if they can do it in their native language.

What this means is that it’s really a no-brainer. If you aspire to have customers in a new market, then you should speak to them in their own language. (The investment returns support this: Research shows that ROI for localization averages $25 on every dollar spent—something that we at Smartling can confirm from our own experience.)

Clearly, it follows that you must offer localized customer support. Insisting on doing it in English is not just discourteous, it’s plain bad business— the increased levels of customer satisfaction, feedback and engagement that flow from effective support communities are invaluable, but your support community is only useful to customers if it’s in their language.

And now, we’re delighted to say, as a result of Smartling’s hook up with Get Satisfaction, it can be in their language.

About Team Smartling

Smartling is a software company with the mission to make the world’s content multilingual.