Global is the New Black

This week, Smartling attended the UK Fashion Digital conference in London. The event attracted hundreds of attendees who focus on digital marketing in the fashion world. Smartling was fortunate enough to host a panel on going global called “The Next Trending Jetsetter: Strategies for Cross-Cultural Expansion.”
UK Fashion Digital Conference

VP of Market Development Nataly Kelly at Fashion Digital UK

Here are three things we found fascinating while attending this event:

  1. Most fashion brands and retailers become “international” the minute they go online. Once a fashion company creates an online presence, it’s nearly impossible not to accommodate requests from customers who raise their hands and want products shipped to them all over the world. Digital content, which can be accessed from anywhere, is global by its very nature.
  2. Cross-cultural + cross-cultural = complex. Most of the challenges that companies face relate to the fact that marketing across diverse channels has made their job more complicated than before. Add other geographies and languages into the mix, and things get even tougher. Many of their challenges do not even relate to language. For example, one speaker shared challenges of wanting to display swimwear for Australia during summer, which is winter in the Northern Hemisphere.
  3. It isn’t about whether or not to go global, but how far and fast to go. We heard the phrases “international” nearly as often as we heard the word “digital” at this event. Perhaps it was the fact that London is such a cosmopolitan place to begin with, but we found that the attendees of this conference were not questioning whether it’s wise to go global or not, but simply figuring out best practices and timing for going to market.

Luckily, as we’ve seen from the fashion brands and retailers that work with Smartling, these problems have all been solved before — not just by companies in the fashion world, but by companies in other sectors too.

So what’s our biggest takeaway from Fashion Digital this week? Fashionistas are fast-becoming globalistas.

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