Global Content Strategy Simplified: The Connector Edition

One of the key challenges for a modern marketing team is managing a consistent and coherent brand across multiple tech platforms and multiple internal teams. To be competitive globally, you need the ability to craft clear, comprehensive strategies for presenting your brand in each market and then apply those strategies consistently to all of your content, wherever it’s managed. You need a tool for managing your global brand that connects to every content creator in your organization. The integration of content and marketing tools has sparked a wave of agile, responsive, data-driven marketing that makes the marketer’s job easier, specifically where content management systems are concerned.

Content management systems (CMS) no longer stand alone. They connect with CRMs to precisely track each interaction with a client, with metrics tools to analyze every aspect of a campaign and with optimization tools to compare the success of different approaches. Connectivity allows content platforms to become the center of a complete international marketing strategy. It also disperses content production into specialized platforms. In addition to a CMS for your website, you might use an eCommerce platform for your store, a marketing automation platform for email and a social media and a support portal for help content.

The brand management challenge increases exponentially as you expand to international markets and establish the need to translate multilingual content for global audiences.  This is why Smartling has created a suite of integrations for some of the largest content management systems including Adobe Experience Manager, WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Sitecore and Hybris. And we’re adding more partners all the time. Translation the old way means pulling content from a CMS, pasting it into spreadsheets and sharing it back and forth with translators. This process is fraught with workflow frustrations, critical errors and inefficient use of budget and other resources. It also creates a situation where global content strategy is taking a backseat to a poor translation process. To avoid all of these stresses, global content strategy should be at the forefront of your organization’s global game plan – not an afterthought.

Smartling’s Connectors help alleviate these issues by providing a central hub for proper translation and localization of multilingual content. Writing a post for your website? Click one button in your CMS to upload your post to Smartling. Another click downloads completed translations back to your CMS in the original format and is ready for deployment.  Meanwhile, an email campaign, managed from a separate content platform, is being translated by the same process. Your translation style guides, glossaries, translation memories – all your tools for controlling your global brand – are managed in one place, accessible seamlessly from wherever your content lives, thereby reducing the pain of disconnected translations and workflow frustrations and inefficiencies.

We believe that executing global content strategy should be frictionless, and Smartling’s suite of Connectors add a layer of translation automation into the marketing tech stack. Our focus on connectivity allows Smartling to be the hub for any organization’s global content, a home for your global brand and a key piece of the martech stack that allows brands to manage a truly global marketing strategy.

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