Global Content Strategy: The Localization Value Chain

Recently, Smartling partnered with Adweek to deliver a webinar titled Content Strategies for Global Brands: Speaking Your Customer’s Language. The webinar featured Liz Walton of Yext, Adam Jones of SimulTrans, and Judd Marcello of Smartling – who each spoke about their role in a highly efficient localization value chain that executes on global content strategies. The trio focused on three key components of an effective strategy, which are highlighted below.


When you’re dealing with a high-growth brand like Yext, time really is money. As Director of Marketing, Walton has been leading the Yext expansion into Europe over the past 18 months. This meant the company needed to internationalize both its product and its digital content. Walton didn’t care how the job would get done, only that high quality translations would be delivered quickly and efficiently.

Yext was looking for a technology solution that could integrate with its product and deliver on its aggressive expansion and localization goals. The company partnered with Smartling and quickly got up and running, first localizing its product, followed shortly by marketing collateral and materials. Yext also teamed up with SimulTrans to handle the actual translations.

The key to fast translation turnaround times according to Jones? Replacing antiquated translation processes that require manual tasks like copying and pasting content with a modern approach powered by translation management software like Smartling’s Global Fluency Platform.

Quality of translation

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs, once said, “Great content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.” At the core of that statement is the quality of content and in turn their translations. If you don’t have quality translations, how can you effectively tell your brand’s story? The answer is you can’t. And what’s worse, you run the risk of offending or turning off potential customers if your translated messages don’t accurately depict the original content.  

While it is important to get translated content to market quickly, if the quality of the translation is subpar, then it is all for naught. Jones highlighted a number of methods to ensure the utmost quality of translations, including:

  • Assign expert linguists
  • Develop a glossary and style guide for each of your languages
  • Coach content creators
  • Provide product training for translators
  • Provide in-context view of content
  • Manage queries from translators interactively

Customer experience

At the end of the day, all that matters is delivering an optimal customer experience, and if you don’t deliver, it could have an adverse effect on your company’s bottom line. As Dimensional Research reports, 95 percent of dissatisfied customers will tell others about their bad experience. Conversely, according to Gartner, 90 percent of customer experience decision makers say that a good experience is critical to their success.

Translation is just a means to an end of providing your customers around the globe with a quality customer experience. But translation and localization are still critical in your global content strategy, and this is why it is important to establish a solid localization value chain – with the right technology included.

Smartling helps ambitious brands discover that translation strategy is growth strategy. There is virtually limitless opportunity to grow your brand’s business internationally, but first you need to be able to reach your multilingual audience with messages that resonate and drive them to purchase. Brands that recognize this are well on their way to securing a more dominant global position.

Learn more

Access a recording and slides of the Adweek-hosted webinar, Content Strategies for Global Brands: Speaking Your Customer’s Language, to discover:

  • What matters most to consumers globally and how to build a content strategy that meets these needs
  • How working with translators can benefit your brand’s international marketing
  • Why a global marketing initiative needs to take into account local needs

Featured speakers include: Liz Walton, Director of Marketing at Yext, Adam Jones, COO at SimulTrans, and Judd Marcello, VP of Marketing at Smartling.