Global Opportunity Knocks: Answer with Translation Management Software

There is a huge opportunity out there for ambitious brands seeking a more dominant position in the global marketplace. Millions of potential customers are ready and waiting outside of domestic markets for your product or service, but competition for their mindshare and hard earned money is going to be steep. One surefire way to get their attention is by providing them with personalized content that speaks to them in their language.

This can be achieved by implementing a translation management system like Smartling’s Global Fluency Platform to automate and streamline the creation of global content. The Global Fluency Platform enables brands to quickly and cost effectively internationalize websites, mobile apps, and business documents with minimal IT involvement.

Why do I need technology?

Traditionally, the translation and localization process has been slow, arduous, and resource intensive. Basically a job that had everyone screaming, “Not it!” whenever a translation project arose. But it doesn’t have to be that way any more. The Global Fluency Platform can eliminate as much as 90% of the manual processes associated with translation and localization, providing a solution that is:

  • Flexible – Smartling’s solution supports the need to automate internal processes, so brands can focus on continuous product development and deployment.
  • Seamless – Smartling integrates easily with content management systems, emarketing solutions, ecommerce platforms and code repositories.
  • Customizable – Smartling’s API extends the built-in capabilities of the Global Fluency Platform to fully meet brand-specific needs.

Speed, Quality, & Control

The one thing that is constant in business is change and because of that you need a translation management solution that allows you to be agile and respond quickly to changes in the global marketplace. Smartling’s technology can quickly scale up and scale down based on workload, which enables you to quickly adapt to translation needs.

Other benefits of the platform include:

  • Complete control: Features like translation memory, in-context translation, and translation vendor management give you the control you need to produce quality translations, while also giving you ownership of those translations, which can be stored and easily retrieved from a central repository. These features help you maintain brand consistency, while also significantly reducing costs associated with the translation and localization process.
  • Real-time insights: Smartling’s platform offers unparalleled visibility into your global content creation processes by letting you track the project, budget, and allocated resources in real-time, giving you insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes.
  • Content agnostic: It doesn’t matter what type of content you produce, whether it be for your website and digital properties, mobile apps, or documents like PowerPoint presentations or training materials, Smartling’s Global Fluency Platform will support their translation.

Customer success

Smartling is helping some of the world’s most ambitious brands – like Pinterest, Shinola, and Shazam – increase their reach and revenue through translated content. These brands understand that translation is not just a tool but rather an integral part of their growth strategies.

Learn more

Visit Smartling’s Resources page to gain further insights into how Smartling’s Technology can help your brand accelerate the translation and localization process, while learning about best practices for translation processes, tools, technology, management, how to select the best translation software, and more.