Wufoo Launches Translated Site in Spanish

It’s fiesta time over at Wufoo! The online form builder (and little brother to SurveyMonkey) launched its translated site in Spanish: Wufoo Español (its first website localization project). Being the awesome people that they are, the Wufoo team thanked our hardworking team and trusty translation management platform:

We also want to thank Mark Elkin, Conny Hayes, Andrew Saxe and David Kim over at Smartling for helping us adapt what is a truly amazing technology. Wufoo Español would have been so much less without their involvement.

You should take a few minutes to read the entire blog post – it’s a great example of website localization. (A favorite fact about this project is how Wufoo localized its quirky Shakespeare quotes. Wufoo Español features quotes from Don Quixote!)

You might remember that Smartling helped SurveyMonkey go global with 10 new languages in six months. Here’s the case study (PDF). You also might be curious about how Smartling can help you with your website translation and localization. In that case, send us a note – we’re happy to help!