Hello World!: The Meaning Behind Smartling’s Slogan

We Smartlings sit here thinking (at least, in our less frenetic moments) that we’ve been very clever with the Hello World! message on the home page of our site. But if you’re not familiar with code, we’ve got a little quiz for you. (If you are familiar with code, you can skip this part – we’re pretty sure you know the answer.)

Which of the following best describes “Hello World!”?: 

A. A goofy phrase repeated ad nauseam by a character played by Tom Hanks.

B. A formalized greeting offered by an individual or group, along with a plastic smile, at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

C. The classic first program that students have learned as their first coding exercise since the dawn of computing.

D. A greeting to those already present by any fresh-faced newcomer on the scene.

If you picked either A or B, go to the back of the class. If you picked either C or D (but ideally, both), advance and collect your gold star.

Smartling’s Hello World! slogan gives a knowing nod to all those early coding moments, and refers to Smartling’s own newness on the scene, but that’s really the least of it.

Hello World! refers to the capacity of Smartling’s translation platform and delivery network to give birth to new websites and the new opportunities that will come from reaching and interacting with users in their own language. So, that explains all those storks flying around with translations of “hello” wrapped in their blankets! (Admittedly, we do give the game away with “We’ll deliver that baby from the cloud!”)

…and, on another level, Hello World! refers to the fact that with Smartling, you can reach every internet user in the world in his or her own language, easily and at reasonable cost. (In other words, say “Hello!” to your new users across the world.)

As Smartling CEO Jack Welde recently said in a video interview for Fast Company:

“Language is one of the last true barriers on the web; five years from now, having an English-only website is going to feel about as dumb as not having a website at all.”