How to Effectively Plan Global Holiday Promotions

Regardless of region and culture, the holiday season remains a tremendous driving force for revenue in businesses across the globe. As a marketer, there’s quite a bit of research and planning you need to do to ensure your global holiday promotions are effective. While it’s best to develop your marketing strategy well in advance of the holiday season, even last-minute marketers can get in on the action by heeding these three tips:

Target Locally

The holidays can be a particularly sensitive time when it comes to cultural norms and traditions tied to marketing campaigns. A survey conducted by Experian Marketing Services suggests that there are major differences in the way consumers respond to holiday promotions based on their region. It is important to focus any global holiday promotions locally, paying attention not only to language, but also to international holidays and customs themselves. For example, you wouldn’t send a Christmas-themed promotion to a Diwali-celebrating region.

It can be tempting to rely on machine translation for quick turnaround, but it might not be the best option if you want content translation that ensures consistency and avoids cultural confusion. Utilizing human specialists can help you avoid any awkward snafus that can end up hurting your brand.

Time It Right

Timing is key to any marketing promotion, but it’s even more important for return on investment during the holidays. Different countries celebrate holidays on a various range of dates, so you should implement separate schedules for marketing campaigns in every region you are trying to reach. The best day of the week to send out emails and social media posts to effectively reach customers varies globally as well. With the holidays rapidly approaching, you need to act fast to get your translations completed to meet your international marketing schedules. Utilizing translation technology can help speed up the process without cutting corners.

Keep Your Customers Up to Date

Besides creating new promotions for the holidays, you need to make sure your customers can find them. In order to be successful, websites, email blasts, and social media accounts need to shine a spotlight on promotions so that consumers don’t have to go digging for them. Create new translated website content and web pages specific to your promotions and make sure emails and social media posts contain links directly to the new information.


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