Holiday Sales: Are You Ready for It?

The holiday season is quickly approaching, kicked off by the post-Thanksgiving shopping rush. Though making sure you are ready for this big holiday sales push is a daunting task as a marketer, you can meet it by asking yourself the following questions:


1. Are Your Advertising Campaigns Correctly Targeting Your Market?

Whether you are planning to advertise in print, on TV, or online, make sure your marketing and advertising materials correctly target your audience and speak to them in a way that will galvanize locals and drum up interest for your business. Leveraging the power of localization is crucial this time of year, since the holiday season is celebrated in vastly different ways around the world. For instance, in Australia, it is common to go camping for Christmas, and in Brussels, Belgium, gifts are given on both December 6 and December 25, according to the Travel Channel. By knowing how traditions vary in each region, you can target your marketing to take advantage of local trends and reach individual markets in a meaningful way.

2. Does Your Website Have an Easy-to-Find Hub with Featured Holiday Deals?

Though an excellent marketing campaign will ensure consumers in local markets know about your business, it isn’t enough to score those holiday sales. Rounding up all your holiday sales, deals, and promotions into a singular holiday hub page online will let customers easily find your best products and deals the second they enter your website. Making this page easy to find on your main page is the first step, but it is equally important to fill it with meaningful, localized content. Though you might offer similar or identical items across multiple markets, highlighting different products for each region on your sales page can also help boost global sales overall, because shoppers in each region can find products that are uniquely relevant to them.

3. Are You Utilizing Social Media Tools?

Though Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide (and a great tool for reaching international consumers), it is equally important to broadcast information and deals using social networks that are popular in other regions. Data from Search Engine People shows that networks such as Mixi in Japan and Sina Weibo in China are very popular in their respective countries, reaching millions of locals in a personal way. Doing a little research in the markets your company is trying to reach and posting relevant, translated content to popular, local social networking sites will help you get the word out about your holiday offerings and drive traffic.

Making sure you are ready for the holiday season can be a tough process, but it is important to take a hard look at your marketing and your desktop and mobile sites to ensure they are properly localized and ready for prime time.



About Amanda Kondolojy

Amanda Kondolojy is a full time freelance writer with a passion for language and technology. She loves to travel and enjoys trading pins with locals, wherever she goes!