How to Find Social Influencers Who Can Expand Your Global Outreach

A successful international marketing plan relies on social influencers for global growth and outreach. The question is, how do you find the right people and use their networks to your advantage? The following are the basic steps you need to take as a marketer to find the right team of brand influencers for your company’s needs:


Who Is Your Ideal Influencer?

The first thing you need to do is determine which type of influencer you need. Every company has different needs based on their products and brand voice. Whether it’s fashion, travel, or technology, decide which topics or areas of expertise best align with your brand. Based on the tone of your campaigns, you also need to decide whether you are looking for an authority on the subject or a less formal influencer. Finally, you need to determine which type of social platform best suits your needs. In other words, does your target audience spend most of its time on Instagram or YouTube? Once you’ve decided on these key factors, you’re ready to begin your search.

For companies looking to expand their global outreach, it’s also important to build a balanced team of both local and global influencers. Local influencers may not have as wide of a network as global ones, but they are able to engage localized followers much more effectively.

Where to Look

The best place to find influencers is on social networks. Begin by running hashtag and keyword searches for relevant topics on the platforms you plan to target, then use those results to identify active conversations and the people who seem to engage the most followers. Proper translation and consideration of context is important when searching for relevant terms and culturally specific phrases in other languages to avoid any mistakes or confusion.

As Technorati reports, nearly 90 percent of social influencers are bloggers, making blogger networks an excellent source to search through. Once you’ve found bloggers that cover your brand’s niche, use analytic and blogger outreach tools to determine how much traffic they get, what their domain authority is, and how often their content is shared.

How to Engage Influencers

The best way to reach out to a social influencer is directly via email or through your company’s official page on a specific social network. Using professional translators is the best option for communicating effectively with international influencers and avoiding any confusion about your expectations. Once you’ve established a connection, you need to decide which types of opportunities you want to offer. In Technorati’s recent Digital Influence Report, first-look reviews of new products, free samples, and being paid to create custom content ranked highest among the types of marketing opportunities influencers preferred. For a successful relationship, it’s also helpful to think of influencers as customers—keep them happy to ensure positive social influence that feels authentic.

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