How to Promote Your Newly Localized App

With a global audience of mobile device users, localizing your mobile app is a great strategic move. However, app localization alone is not enough to engage your audience. How do you promote your mobile app so that it reaches the widest group of international users possible? Based on research conducted by MobiForge, we put together a few tips for mobile promotions:


Set the Right Budget

To reach the customers you’re targeting, it’s going to cost you. Research from AppFlood suggests that 70 percent of developers budget $5,000 or less for mobile promotions, but that budget doesn’t necessarily provide the results they expect. If you want to get your app ranked in the Top 10 (which means you need up to 80,000 downloads in the United States), TradeMob statistics recommend spending $1.20 per download, putting the cost at $96,000—and that’s just for a free app.

Promote It Early

One way to get those downloads is to start building buzz early on. As with any product, pre-promotion is essential. For example, the teaser trailers Rovio does for its Angry Birds franchise get people interested. Make sure you include information about the app’s main function, target audience, and availability. Send pre-release versions to trusted reviewers for additional promotional support.

Promote in the Right Places

With mobile promotions for your app, deciding where to promote is just as important as the promotion itself. You need to get your app talked about by the people your audience listens to. This means targeting influential social media users and the most respected news outlets, journalists, bloggers, and technology reviewers. The more they mention your app, the wider your potential audience and the more impactful your market penetration efforts will be. Check out your competitors and see where they are mentioned for a hit list of promotion targets. Regardless of which method you choose, track the effect of your promotional techniques on downloads so you know what is working and what needs to change.

Make Subscriptions Easy

According to Flurry, only 35 percent of apps are kept by users for three months or more. One way to make your app part of that group is to keep it fresh and updated. It’s also a good idea to collect regular feedback and monitor reviews so you are sure your app is delivering exactly what users want.

Cloud-based translation technology allows you to manage all of your localized app content (including app descriptions and other promotional content) in one place. It’s this personalized, locale-specific approach that will encourage new users to download your app.

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