Improve App Store Ranking with Translation

If you’re looking for ways to improve app store ranking, app localization plays an important role in effectively reaching global audiences. While each of the major app stores is truly a global ecosystem, reaching more than 150 countries, language localization helps target individual consumers and penetrate new markets you haven’t exposed your product to yet.

The global market for downloads is growing rapidly, and statistics show consumers are increasingly downloading apps in their own languages. As a result, it’s never been more important to have a strategy that includes effective translation software to provide your service in new communities. Here’s a closer look at how app developers can improve their app store ranking through translation.

Prioritize Localization

In the spring of 2013, Apple sent a letter to its developers requesting that they consider localizing their applications. The letter highlighted the importance of both localizing app content and marketing it with descriptions that appear in the app store. Although the algorithms used by the app stores are proprietary, one thing is for certain: app stores are focused on offering the best experience possible for users. The more descriptions, apps, and other content you offer in a user’s first language, the more likely he or she is to visit and download it.

Translated apps on average increased the app’s download volume by more than 128 percent on the iPhone within one week of its release. The number of downloads an app gets clearly correlates to its visibility, position, and overall popularity within the app store. It’s also fair to say that in high competition markets, a user is more likely to select an option in his or her own language when it’s available. Translation provides developers with a considerable edge in the marketplace.

Identify and Grow in the Global Markets

According to App Annie, the US, Korea, and Japan generated more revenue via app downloads than all other countries combined. Meanwhile, revenue from user downloads in the BRIC region (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) collectively grew 120 percent. In the year ahead, the markets of Indonesia, Turkey, Vietnam, and Mexico are expected to become much bigger players in app downloads and subsequent revenue.

Developers are increasingly realizing that revenue and download growth comes from serving global markets. Today, it is possible to reach 80 percent of the world’s online population by translating app content into just 12 languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Russian, French, Indonesian, Korean, and Italian. As more users come online, however, these numbers will increase and it will be all the more important for app developers to pick up scalable translation solutions that allow them to meet the needs of a growing global user base.

To meet increasing global demand, app developers need to have flexible translation solutions that allow them to quickly and seamlessly deploy their apps, marketing campaigns, and other supporting materials in multiple languages. App translation software is a more effective solution than one-off translations, allowing companies to save money, achieve better visibility and workflow, and shorten the timelines needed to bring their content to market.

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