How to Increase App Downloads with App Store Optimization

App store optimization refers to the process of increasing an app’s visibility , with the ultimate goal of increasing app downloads. And despite its value, it’s still a fairly new concept in marketing.

Here are five steps you can take to make sure your app localization efforts pay off.

1. Localize the title and description with keywords

The first thing any potential downloader will see when it comes to your app is the title. You don’t want to stuff it with keywords, but you do want to use search-friendly terms that have been localized for individual markets. The same applies to your description. Marketing Land also suggests that you add just a single keyword to the title, in order to make it search-friendly without over-optimizing in the process. If you’re a coffee company named NuvoJava, for instance, you can title your app, NuvoJava Coffee, to make it that much easier for coffee lovers to find your product.

2. Create a recognizable icon

Although the title and description will help drive search traffic, the icon will be a potential downloader’s first experience with the app. When designing your app’s icon, it’s important to keep it simple but identifiable so users can instantly recognize your program alongside competitors. Bold, contrasting colors paired with simple logos or letters can help make your app logo stand out.

3. Put your app in the most relevant category

Most apps fit into more than one category, but marketers can only choose one for their app—limiting the possibility of app discovery by browsing. In order to reach as many users as possible, however, you should put your app in a category that’s both applicable to the app and easily browsed by potential downloaders. Keep an eye out for how competitors are categorized as well. Consumers may search for a competitor by name, click on a category to browse for more options, and then happen to discover your app organically.

4. Upload new screenshots with every update

Add new screenshots to your app description every time the app receives an update. Even if your app generally looks the same, the smallest updates can provide an opportunity to showcase their benefits and encourage more downloads. This is especially true for users who have looked at your app before, but haven’t pulled the download trigger just yet. By updating your screenshots regularly, you can show these browsers that your app is constantly evolving and realizing improvements, which instills confidence.

5. Encourage positive reviews from existing users

Keywords, logos, and categories will all help users find your app, but one of the biggest determining factors when it comes to downloads is the presence of positive reviews. A recent study by Appurify showed that of the top thousand ranked apps in the Apple App Store, more than half had at least a 4.5-star user rating. Consumers will immediately pass over an app that has a low or even mediocre rating. Although there’s nothing marketers can do to force users to leave positive reviews, creating in-app messages that encourage consumers who enjoy the app to rate it on the app store will go a long way toward helping your product reach more people.

App store optimization that includes creating localized app descriptions with researched keywords, as well as intelligent categorization and updating your screenshots are great ways to increase downloads.

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