[INFOGRAPHIC] Say “Hello!” to the Global Web

Adiós World Wide Web! It’s time for a new Internet. A global Web is emerging, and with the help of our interactive, translated (into 9 languages!), HTML5 infographic, you can see industry stats related to the “global big picture.”

Did you know that over the past 30 years, two billion people came online – but the next billion will come online in 4 years? Or that English is the leading language online by a margin of 3% (compared to 26% in 2000)? People across the globe are coming online, and bringing their languages with them – but 56% of Web content is English-only.

English isn’t bad – but the global Web demands multilingual digital content. Sure, people speak English as a secondary language in various parts of the world… but they prefer to interact online in their native language. Insisting on English isn’t helping the global Web succeed. (Also, think about it: if you speak English-only, you’re missing out on 44% of Web content. Don’t you wonder what you’re missing out on?)

Multilingual digital content also matters for businesses. That’s why foursquare and other companies are translating and localizing their websites – to become part of the new Internet. Website translation and localization does make a difference – just ask SurveyMonkey. Plus,when China’s internet users double to 800 million and mobile devices account for 20% of Africa’s internet traffic, don’t you want your digital content translated, localized, & ready to be reached?