International Airline Expects to Save $1 Million Across 3-year Period

Few sectors depend on having customers across global markets as the travel and hospitality industry. But having been ahead of the game in terms of using technology to reach customers around the world, new technologies have complicated matters for global content distribution. Smartling’s technology enables ambitious brands to reach customers around the globe with native brand experiences that resonate and drive conversions in multiple markets.

Recently, Smartling solved for the translation and localization headaches of a major international airline, with automated processes replacing up to 90 percent of manual tasks. Check out the use case below:

Soaring to New Heights with Translation Automation

In 2014, international tourism generated $1.5 trillion in export earnings and today’s travel sector is continuing to grow at a rapid pace as it progressively moves online. By 2017, approximately 30 percent of the online travel booking market, by value, will be transacted online using a smartphone or tablet device.

But due to the volume of content and the number of languages translated into, travel companies typically do not have the necessary IT and marketing resources in-house to sufficiently support their translation needs without using the right enabling translation technology.

A new approach to global content

One of the largest US-based international airlines was using a traditional agency model to translate its content – a time-consuming and costly process that was inconsistent in producing quality translations. Faced with a go-live date that was only months away, the company knew it needed a new approach to translation and localization services, and it needed to have it up and running quickly.

After evaluating several translation management software vendors, the company chose Smartling because of its holistic solution – offering both technology and translation services – that provides speed- to-market, quality content and cost effectiveness, enabled by the advanced technology the company was looking for.

With Smartling’s Translation Management Platform, the company automated and streamlined its translation process, resulting in an 18 percent reduction in total translation costs per month, is now managing more than a dozen languages across Europe and Asia and improved its time-to-market by 90 percent. The company estimates that the elimination of ancillary fees and the reduction in translation turnaround and delivery time will save it in excess of $1 million over a three-year period, as it handles more than one million words a year.

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