International Marketing: Don’t Let This Ship Sail Without You

Recently Smartling partnered with Target Marketing to conduct a survey of its readers to find out how international marketing factors into their plans, whether their international marketing efforts are effective, and common obstacles they face when expanding globally. More than 300 marketers responded, and some of their answers were surprising!

With 80 percent of the world’s purchasing power, 92 percent of the world’s economic growth, and 95 percent of the world’s consumers residing outside of the US, you would expect most marketers to acknowledge that international marketing is important and something their organizations should be doing. But in reality most marketers surveyed (54%) don’t even have an international marketing plan in place.

Brands that continue with this approach can expect to alienate potential customers that don’t speak English, and in all likelihood will drive them to the competition. A recent report found that 75 percent of international consumers prefer to buy a product offered in their native language, and 60 percent of non-English-speakers say they never buy from English-only websites.

The international market share of ecommerce consumers is going to continue growing. They clearly prefer sites presented in their native languages, and local companies already offer that as standard.To succeed on a global scale, you need to go further than just translation to provide personalized native brand experiences that are tailored to regional preferences and buyer behavior.

For more findings from the survey and our Smart Take on each, download the full ebook: 5 Reasons International Marketing Matters to Your Brand.