International Mother Language Day Highlights Need for Translation

The internet is atwitter today with multilingual tweets, blog posts, and other celebrations of International Mother Language Day (IMLD). Instituted in 1999, and first celebrated in 2000, IMLD promotes linguistic diversity and multingualism.

We think this is also a great day to remember why translation is so powerful – and with 3 BILLION people online by 2016 (most of which will not speak English natively), whydigital translation is needed more than ever. Let’s not make the mistake of insisting on English. Let’s celebrate other languages, and connect to thoughts and ideas in those other languages through the global, connected, translated web.


For those whose native language is not English, IMLD is a great day to speak up – in your native tongue! Remind your friends and colleagues that there’s a whole wide world of language out there.







About Team Smartling

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