Introducing Smartling’s New CAT Tool

Smartling engineers obsess over building software that not only empowers users to translate faster, better, and more cost-effectively, but delights them with every interaction as well. Our CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tool — used by thousands of translators, project managers, and account owners every day — represents a critical part of this mission.

Today, after months of discussion with our translation community, we’re excited to offer a first look at our latest edition.

In this post, you will learn exactly what’s new within the tool, where to go for additional support, and what to expect over the next few weeks.

Why The New Experience?

To build the best CAT tool on the market, we realized we’d have to renew our commitment to helping users achieve their goals. As a result, we focused our design process exclusively around three key results:

Translate Faster

Translation is about doing more, faster. That means spending less time clicking around in search of the right resources and more time on the keyboard translating.

This is the first place you’ll notice our new CAT tool outshining its Classic predecessor and competing alternatives. An enhanced multi-string view, keyboard shortcuts, and intelligent translation tools all combine to reduce the number of required mouse clicks by more than 50% while dramatically increasing the pace at which translators can create content.

Translate Better

Translation may be an art, but technology can and should be used to produce better outcomes. Our new CAT tool is designed to surface the right linguistic support and quality checks, at the right time, to proactively avoid errors and elevate translation quality.

Translate Flexibly

Our new CAT tool hands control over the when, where, and how of translation back to the user.

Tag handling helps customers and translators decide whether or not the structure of translations should mirror the source text. An offline “Draft” mode ensures translators no longer need to worry about losing work when they lose internet connectivity or close their browser. And enhanced keyboard shortcuts offer unparalleled personalization capabilities that encourage users to mimic the setup of their favorite offline CAT tool.

What’s New?

We wanted our latest edition to delight both first-time CAT tool users and long-time industry veterans with years of experience using traditional translation software. Key additions include a fully redesigned editor experience, improved accessibility to linguistic assets, and a variety of quality check features to address mechanical errors.

For a visual preview, click through our interactive presentation below.


Or, simply get up to speed with a quick overview from our full feature comparison chart.



What Can I Expect In The Weeks Ahead?

Smartling customers will receive access to the new CAT tool on a rolling basis, beginning March 13, 2017.
Our Success Team will be in touch shortly to provide specific launch dates and prepare teams for a smooth transition.

We will also be hosting a live training webinar and expanding our technical support content so that you can continue using Smartling with confidence.