Introducing the New Zendesk Customer Support Translation Connector

Once you buy a product or service from a brand, it’s generally considered the brand’s duty to offer you support for your questions, your grievances, and any legitimate goals or ambitions you may wish to achieve with your purchase. Good companies follow up on such an implied deal, great companies enforce it with a passion.

This month, Smartling unveiled a new connector for Zendesk, a leading customer service platform that is used to provide support for more than 300 million people worldwide, who collectively experience positive interactions 86 percent of the time. Remember, translation connectors can be the easiest way to upgrade your existing technology into a global version of the same, and Smartling’s Zendesk connector offers the quickest and most cost-effective way to translate your help center and dynamic content assets.

Earlier blog posts in 2016 looked at the value of connectors to a global content strategy, and four translation connector families that Smartling offers – content management systems, marketing automation platforms, ecommerce solutions and source code repositories. Continue reading to learn about the fifth connector family – customer support translation connectors – and more details on the new Zendesk connector.

Translation for Customer Support Content

Smartling’s Customer Support translation connectors let your brand update support content in one language – from FAQs to troubleshooting – and then deliver content in multiple languages using automated processes. This accelerates the translation process so your content can achieve faster time-to-market. The Translation Connector for Zendesk provides a seamless connection between Zendesk and Smartling’s Translation Management Platform to create a powerful solution for managing multilingual help center and dynamic content assets.

How Smartling Customer Support translation connectors work: The Smartling Help Desk translation connector helps customer-facing representatives to serve customers with support content that’s available in multiple languages, all of the quality required to properly guide the customer to the answers they are looking for. The translation connector is easily installed with minimal developer support and quickly provides access to your Zendesk to submit and manage content for translation by your chosen translation resources.

Smartling and Zendesk – Customer Support Translation ConnectorPartner solution: Zendesk

About Zendesk: Zendesk is a customer service platform, designed for companies that want to create customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive. This helps companies to provide great support and mature with self-service and proactive engagement. Those familiar with Zendesk’s mascot – a laughing Buddha named “The Mentor” – will appreciate the value of being able to offer tailored customer service, personalized for a greater number of your global audience. Smartling’s Zendesk translation connector helps brands to solve problems, boost loyalty and increase retention in any language.

Technical specs for the Zendesk connector:

Supports translation of:

  • Articles
  • Sections
  • Categories
  • Dynamic content

Learn more: Download the Product Brief for the Translation Connector for Zendesk to learn more about the solution, request a demo, or visit our support site to get information on installation.

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