Is Your Content Engaging New Markets or Falling Flat?

You’ve developed a plan to scale content marketing globally and translate website content, but how do you know whether you are actually engaging those new markets? While there is no single, accurate method of measurement, there are several factors to consider when determining your organization’s success.


Measuring Content Success

There are many schools of thought when it comes to measuring the success of international marketing content. However, these all rely on specific performance indicators to determine the return on investment on translated content in new markets. Basic metrics measure factors such as unique visits, page views, inbound links, bounce rates and social media sharing. You can then use data, such as page views, to determine conversion rates or the percentage of visits to your site that generate sales or leads. The metrics that you focus on will be different depending on your marketing goals.

Building Relationships

After Sparksheet questioned Coca-Cola’s new Journey site and argued that its content was not showing successful social engagement, Coca-Cola said page views and Facebook likes are not the only factors that matter when measuring the effectiveness of engagement in content marketing.

“The surest measure of ‘engagement’ isn’t a social share—it’s time spent on the page consuming the content,” said Ashley Brown, Journey’s team leader.

It’s not enough that consumers simply view content; they should also absorb it and walk away with a greater brand awareness. Ultimately, what it boils down to is that there is no single metric that can determine success. For a more accurate picture, data needs to be analyzed across a broad spectrum of factors, including those that are not measured in clicks. Brand marketing is different from traditional advertising in that it is less focused on selling products and more focused on building relationships, brand awareness and brand loyalty. These concepts are harder to measure, but they are equally, if not more important than click-through rates.

How to Get Results

Getting effective results in new markets requires the right market penetration strategy and the best translation tools. Whether you are measuring a specific list of metrics or relationships developed with consumers, successful engagement in global marketing begins with quality content that makes personal connections on a local level and is tailored to specific cultures and regions. It is also important to promote content on social networks and leverage it to actively interact with consumers.

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