Localized Social Networks See Huge Growth in Latin America

Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr – according to a recent comScore report, these social networks (and more) are exploding in Latin America. Stats from April 2012 show a 12% increase in Latin America’s social networking audience over the past year to reach 127 million visitors.

But which sites are users visiting the most? Facebook leads the social networking pack with 114.5 million visitors and an average of 7.7 hours per user. Twitter comes in second with 27 million users, followed closely by Orkut. Considering how quickly Latin America’s social networking audience is growing, these numbers could rise significantly over the next few years.

Pinterest is not included in the top 10 social networks in Latin America but it is on its way to making the list next year. In January 2012, Pinterest’s Latin American users totaled 153,000; by April 2012, its users grew to 1.3 million. That’s 286,750 users per month; 71,687 users per week; 17,921 users per day; 747 users per hour – or simply, 749% growth in 4 months. 

Localized for Growth

Pinterest currently attracts 1% of the social networking audience in Latin America but with its explosive growth and planned localization (Pinterest recently launched a Spanish version and there are plans to translate the site to Portuguese), it appears set to crack the top 10.

Localization is a common theme in the current top 10. Localized social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Orkut are offered in a number of languages, and have been doing so for a while. Tumblr, which experienced a 168% growth in Latin America, launched a Spanish version in August 2011 and a Portuguese version (for both Portugal and Brazil) in May 2012. Tumblr’s Brazilian users jumped 209% in 2011, so it will be interesting to see the upcoming increase in users from adding Brazilian Portuguese.

All in all, it seems Latin American is a hotspot for social networks and those looking to rise to the top need to consider localization sooner rather than later.