Marketing Organization – Picking Your Team for Global Expansion

As a business owner, you need to think globally, and marketing organization maintenance is a key part of that. In an interview in Forbes, Strauss Group President Dan Schwabel talks about the global entrepreneurship revolution, where global markets are available to even micro-businesses thanks to the reach and accessibility of the web.

According to Business News Daily, there’s one thing all businesses need to think about, whatever their size, and that’s organizing a marketing team dedicated to your expansion plans. It’s your marketing team who will create the external image for your company that will help your expansion achieve success.

Organize Your Marketing Team by Role

One way to organize your team is according to role. Keep in mind that it’s okay for some of these roles to overlap. Your team may include:

  • someone with an overall strategic view of organizational goals for the global expansion.
  • someone who knows every detail of what the company has already done and how to translate that into a positioning strategy that will work in global markets.
  • an analyst who will see which global market factors are most relevant to your business.
  • a business development person in charge of getting access to new clients in your target market.
  • people to run your marketing initiatives, including content marketing and social media marketing. You may have specialists in particular areas or someone in charge of coordinating the entire marketing strategy.

Language and Culture in Your Marketing Team

When you are looking to expand, it’s crucial to include at least one person on your team who understand the language and culture of your target markets. You can’t take for granted that what works in the United States will work in other parts of the world. For example, Starbucks started serving green tea lattes when it moved into China to ease locals into latte products. Be sure you have someone on your team with the knowhow to scrutinize everything from your branding to what you post on social media profiles to ensure that your content is free of any inadvertent cultural insensitivity.

Localizing and translating website content is another must for your website and all your marketing materials. A recent article on Entrepreneur points out that only 28 percent of the European population can read English, and this percentage is even smaller in Asia and South America.

Another option for globalizing your marketing team is to use a distributed team of members located all over the world; then you can employ a flexible organizational structure where people manage their own sectors while contributing to the company’s overall goals. You can then take advantage of online collaboration tools to recruit and partner with expert marketers in each country. This approach can help deliver the right cultural input when translating marketing collateral from one culture to another.

With the right team, the right marketing organization strategy in place, and the right translation solution, your global expansion and market penetration plans will have a head start for success.

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