Mobile Commerce in Europe: Why Localization Is Key to Success

According to Forrester Research, nearly half of online sales in Europe could come from mobile commerce by 2018. Another recent study revealed that an increasing number of European consumers are enjoying the benefits of home delivery, making the potential market opportunity for online retailers tremendous.

Success in this market will rely on two things: mobile optimization of retailers’ websites and app translation. The following is a closer look at the best practices that online retailers need to keep in mind when developing market strategies for European markets:

Website Optimization Is Key

Online purchases are only part of the picture. The report estimates that mobile devices will soon account for as much as 49 percent of the projected $25 billion online shopping market in Europe. Online retailers will need clear strategies for optimizing websites to work seamlessly on a wide variety of mobile devices. Consumers are using both smartphones and tablets to browse and make purchases. It is essential to have the right infrastructure in place for your online store, including code and a design that work with different devices and a variety of languages.

The Importance of Localized Content

Retailers looking for strategies to help capture a portion of this projected growth need to recognize that localizing content is vital for success. Mobile commerce in Europe requires a number of complementary market strategies, rather than a single continent-wide launch plan. Serving customers in Europe demands an approach that connects with consumers in languages as diverse as Spanish, French, Greek, and Bulgarian. European Union countries alone represent 24 official and working languages. Define your priority markets and content assets, then link those to your business objectives for a clearer sense of a realistic translation timeline.

Mobile Payment Integration

The report goes on to highlight the importance of the latest mobile features, such as mobile payments. As customers move toward adopting these innovative technologies, trust and the ability to understand content are very important. The availability of information in local languages that has been professionally translated and vetted for accuracy becomes essential to helping wary customers make the leap. Businesses that overlook this important step are missing a major opportunity for future growth.

A Comprehensive Translation Approach

As retailers contemplate the best way forward, it’s important to think through the logistics behind managing the rollout of multiple languages. Many retailers have found that their biggest asset is a platform that will guide them through the development of the right translation processes and then implement those processes automatically. With the right approach and translation solution in mind, businesses can move forward with their international market growth efforts.

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