Multilinguals Get the Jobs

The language services market is a hot and fast-growing market. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the job market for translation and interpreting jobs has been steadily climbing, outpacing most other areas for job seekers by growing “much faster than average.” This comes as no surprise — after all, demand for website translation, mobile app translation, and other types of digital content translation has been taking off in recent years, fueling the growth of this market.

Translators and interpreters tend to specialize in just one language pair, making deep levels of language proficiency important for this work. But what about all of the other jobs in the field of translation, such as project managers, engineers, and other types of work? For these positions, sometimes having knowledge of many different languages, even if not “native fluency” in each, can be a huge advantage.

Check out this great article published at Al Jazeera America, written by linguist and author Michael Erard. The article showcases several people who speak multiple languages, and features a quote from Nataly Kelly, our VP of Marketing development, about the value of multilingualism for job seekers in translation technology companies.