No More Excuses for Not Translating Websites

Today, Smartling launched a new platform that represents a massive leap forward in its mission to make the web truly multilingual. In the past, translating websites was a complex, time-consuming process that only large organizations with deep pockets could afford. From now on, any business—no matter how big or small—can afford to go global. (You might remember I predicted this leap forward back in July.)

The new Smartling platform, which builds on the one that enterprise customers like SurveyMonkey have already been using, will suck your entire website—framework, contents and all—up into the cloud within seconds. The platform then:

  • makes the site available to you to translate it in context (using crowdsourced, professional or machine translation individually or in combination, whichever fits your needs)
  • provides all the tools you need to carry out the translation process efficiently and cost-effectively, as well as to update translated sites
  • delivers the translated site to visitors in their own language via the Smartling Global Delivery Network (and it’s 100% SEO compatible)

With Smartling, your original site stays exactly where it is, but everything else takes place in the cloud, and your translated text resides there too. There are no upfront development costs (which on the old-school model can easily top $1 million), and ongoing costs are based on usage (for small sites with low traffic, Smartling is free). The only thing left for you to do is translate your site. Smartling won’t actually do this (though machine translation integration is available), but it can provide professional translators if you want—or you can use your own paid or crowdsourced translators.

Smartling also continues to offer its enterprise plan for highly trafficked and complex sites that includes API access, SSL support, and additional training and integration services.