Website Translation for Small Businesses

Website translation for small businesses is often a challenge. But you don’t actually need to be “one of the big guys” to use a translation management platform. Small businesses and nonprofits are also struggling with digital content translation, and we hear from these types of clients every day.

A translation management and delivery platform eases two areas of stress for small businesses and nonprofits:


Most small businesses outsource IT to a lone freelance developer and nonprofits need to use their own IT resources wisely – the tech strength for a digital translation project just isn’t there.

With  a translation management platform, website translation for small businesses becomes easier. You don’t need an IT department. Implementation isn’t a roundabout of extracting strings for translation, building new infrastructures, and trying to fit the translated strings with the new infrastructure, then back to the start when something doesn’t quite work. You can skip that miserable process with our drop-in translation tools and delivery network – no IT team required. Keeping your translations up-to-date is also easy – browse a page with new content and our system extracts your strings for translation (including JSON, AJAX, JavaScript, etc.).


Sure, every company wants to save some cash, and website translation for small businesses can be an expensive task, but when funds are limited, saving on IT infrastructure is one cost-saving benefit of a translation management system; the other is the actual cost of translations.

The other is flexible translation options. We recommend professional translation for the best results and, because we’re a software company, we don’t upcharge on translations. But if you want use a bilingual employee to translate your website, go for it. You’ll save money and still be able to reach visitors in another language. You can also use a crowd of volunteers to translated your site. Our client Fight for the Future is using this approach, asking bilingual support to help translate

It’s this kind of flexibility and ownership that strikes a chord with all of our clients, large and small. So, if you’re curious about how Smartling can help your small business or nonprofit get up and running in new languages (even if you’re US-only, a Spanish site is still a good idea), feel free to say “Hi!”