Organic is Best: Website Translation & PR

Putting news releases out on the wires might be a financially manageable option in a single market like the U.S., but what does a small company do if it wants to be noticed in places where they speak other languages? At Smartling, we now have sites in six languages, and we certainly couldn’t contemplate putting releases out on the wires in France, Germany, the Spanish-language countries, China and the rest. The cost would be prohibitive, and waiting for a return on the investment nerve-wracking.

But as I’ve worked away at using the Smartling translation platform to translate websites into all those different languages, I’ve stumbled on something in the “I never thought it could possibly work this well until I tried it” category. It’s a PR solution that has already met with remarkable success in getting unpaid, organic coverage, and it should work just as well for any other Smartling user. It would even work in its general principles for anyone else with multiple language sites – it’s just exponentially easier and quicker to get the job done with Smartling.

China is one example. We make no effort, right now, to distribute Smartling news releases there in any formal way, but our stories have been picked up nevertheless, and have even shown up on (the local Twitter equivalent).

There’s nothing complicated about any of this. We simply put the stuff out there – using Smartling, of course. We post all the news release that we issue in English directly on the Press page of our U.S. site, and alert our translators that there’s new copy waiting for them on the Smartling platform. (You might want to use a staging server for this until your translators have done their work, since Smartling displays new content in the original language until it’s translated.)

Then, the translated release is out there, available for organic search, pre-set alerts, etc. If there’s any level of interest at all in your company or your industry and you’ve paid a little attention to optimizing your release for search in that particular market, you will begin to show up on people’s screens and, if Smartling’s experience is anything to go by, you will find yourself mentioned in various social media posts.

As I said, you don’t need Smartling to do this, but with website translation as a whole, it makes the process a whole lot quicker and easier.