Client Spotlight: PalTalk Goes Global with Smartling

Paltalk is a premier provider of real-time interactive social networking, including one-to-one and many-to-many video chat-room services. Since its launch in 1998, it’s transformed from an English-only website and software to a global web presence. With millions of active Paltalk members worldwide, at any given time there are nearly 100,000 people simultaneously chatting about politics, religion, sports and music, meeting new friends, singing karaoke, and attending family reunions. How did Paltalk navigate through the daunting challenge of the on-line language barriers to reach this level of success? Was it rocket science? (Hold on to those questions.)

Enter Smartling…Within two months of selecting Smartling as its translation management solution, Paltalk websites were operating in 15 languages and most projects, including some of their most in-demand languages such as Arabic, Spanish and Vietnamese, went live within weeks. Could this have been possible with the standard translation processes of yester-year? Hardly! Smartling’s. crowdsourcing capability allows businesses to easily assemble, engage, and manage volunteer translators and reviewers for some projects while on others, Paltalk has supplemented crowdsourcing with Smartling-certified professional translators to further refine translation quality.

The Smartling Translation Management System gave Paltalk real-time visibility and control throughout its translation processes, with management dashboards, in-context editing, localized content, custom workflows and robust analytics. In addition, Smartling automatically delivers translated versions of Paltalk sites through its secure, reliable, Global Delivery Network.

Paltalk’s successful global expansion hinged on finding  a translation platform savvy enough to provide automatic, real-time delivery. It’s was that simple, and no, it was not rocket science…it’s Smartling.