Remembering Mario Marin

Smartling was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of a dear colleague and friend, Mario Marin, founder and owner of Montero Traducciones.  Mario died peacefully on the morning of the September 23 at the age of 47, leaving his wife Clara Montero (co-founder of Montero) and daughter.

Mario and his wife founded Montero Traducciones in 2003. In an industry where many agencies try to cover a large number of subject matters and languages, Mario stuck his ground and focused on what he knew best. He constantly reminded the Montero executive team, “We don’t do everything, but what we do, we do really well.”  Montero specialized in business translations for the European Spanish and Portuguese markets.

Mario and Clara were often dissatisfied with what they saw of the translation industry and wanted to create a company that not only provided high quality translations, but was also a place where people wanted to work. The financial crisis hit Spain hard in 2008, but instead of waiting the storm out, Mario continued to employ more in-house translators. He said that they only way to recover from the crisis was for each person to do their bit. This was his.

Mario’s vision did not go unnoticed by the media. He was interviewed on a number of occasions for his policies allowing his employees to work from home, a concept that is not particularly common in Spain. If people could have a better work life balance by being at home, then he supported that choice. This was especially important for married mothers, who may have left their professions behind to raise their children. He was dedicated to providing a means for them to continue working without compromising their family life.

Mario was also a philanthropist. He worked with a number of charities including Amigos de Gambia and Grefa, a wildlife sanctuary. He also supported the town of Brunete, Madrid, where he lived, and he was actively involved in supporting a number of local initiatives, including being a mentor to young entrepreneurs.

Under Mario’s leadership, Montero Traducciones has aimed to look for strategic partners who reflect the company’s core values. Shortly after the companies began collaborating, Mario got on a plane and went to visit the Smartling team at their headquarters in New York. A few of us had the pleasure of meeting this vibrant and gracious man, who came laden with gifts for the team, during his visit.

Mario was a kind and generous man who believed that his business gave him the means to give back to the community, and give back he did. He will be sorely missed by all those who had the pleasure of knowing him.

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