How Can Travel Brands Beat Translation Frustration? [Report]

How Can Travel Brands Beat Translation Frustration? [Report]

hotel conciergeGlobal travel brands have plenty to smile about these days. Discretionary incomes are on the rise, emerging markets are dreaming beyond their domestic borders, and curious Millennials are collecting passport stamps like it’s a competitive sport.

These are not the only changes underway, however. With more and more of the customer journey now decided on web and mobile devices, global travel brands are realizing they need to become persuasive digital publishers as well.

All too often, though, translation frustrations keep companies from successfully scaling content marketing strategies into multiple foreign markets.

Strict development cycles limit publication speed, manual processes yield error-prone translations, and audiences are left waiting for localized content that speaks to them.

To help brands transform translation from an agonizing project into an agile process, Smartling has partnered with travel industry authority Skift on a new report discussing:

  • Travel and technology trends shaping today’s consumer marketplace
  • Barriers standing between travel brands and first-class customer experiences
  • Tech-driven tips for turning translation into a competitive advantage
  • Success stories from leading brands like IHG and Marriott

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