How One Company Saw ROI from Translating an E-Commerce Website in Just Four Hours

No conversation about website localization is complete without answering the ROI question. In Martin Engineering’s case, there was instant gratification.

Soon after it launched its global e-commerce website with Digital Bridge, Commerce Guys, and Smartling, the company began to see a tremendous increase in traffic. Within just four hours, their first order came in, from a brand new customer.

Four hours to see ROI from a translated website? It might sound incredible, but it’s true. Martin Engineering shared the full story in this recent webinar and we’ve captured the highlights today’s post.

Eliminating Manual Steps and Inefficiencies from the Process

Not so long ago, this bulk materials manufacturing company was doing translation the way most companies do – in a more traditional way. Its marketing staff in the US would author content and send it to teams in Mexico and Germany that managed the regional websites. These teams would, in turn, send the source content to translation companies and then put up the translated content on their regional sites. All of this was done manually.

As a result, marketing content was not distributed centrally. This, in turn, affected how they did business at the regional level. It was often not clear who owned which content, which products should be sold online and in which regions, which promotions should go live where, and so on.

But Martin Engineering wanted to do things a better way. The company decided to put together a consolidated website architecture with best-in-class website localization and ecommerce technology solutions.

The Fast Track to Launching a Multilingual E-Commerce Site

Smartling’s Global Delivery Network automated content collection and centralized the delivery of translated material. Multiple content types – image files, PDFs, Adobe InDesign files, were collected and delivered for translation.

How were they translated? It was up to Martin Engineering to select from the translation options available to them, with complete flexibility over their translation vendors.

Finally, Smartling serves up the translated content whenever a user requests it.

Because Smartling eliminated the developer’s share of work in internationalization, the company could focus on the marketing copy and website navigation. Martin Engineering’s marketing department could also now roll out content centrally and make sure the brand messaging remained consistent. Smartling’s ability to painlessly integrate with Drupal made it easy and quick for Martin Engineering to plug their translations into their CMS.

This ability of Smartling to connect with other enterprise systems saved Martin Engineering some very costly and time-consuming developer work. As all three tools worked well together, the company could now quickly determine which products must be sold online and where, so that they can serve up the translated product pages immediately and instantly.

As Jeromy Puglisi, Global Marketing Manager at Martin Engineering, explained in the webinar: “Before we launched our new site, we used to create marketing content in English and send it to our regional markets for translation and they would put it up on their regional sites. Now, we can go from source to surface in less than four days.

As Martin Engineering makes clear, it can take as little as four days to move from source content creation to multilingual deployment, and four hours from deployment to seeing ROI and conversions.

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